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Friday, November 21, 2003

Friday Night Meanderings
Quiet a few people have already queried about my lack of entries since my last blog some three weeks ago. Three weeks, huh? I never knew it was that long a time I had put off in doing any entries here. It is a simple case of too much work and not enough quality time for some serious writing of thoughts on this esteemed blog.

But the weeks that had gone by, gave an interesting picture of how people cope with extreme difficulties in life. One lost her husband to cancer and has to care for her only son who is in Primary 2. Being a housewife and to raise up a child in this environment is not going to be any easy. Having to do the funeral for her deceased husband, it struck me that while we try to help as much as we could to ease the pain of loss, we can never truly feel nor understand the pain and void that she feels. We can only support her with our presence and other means when possible.

Another is an elderly lady ravaged by cancer that is slowly making her immobile and her body frame and appearance are progressingly getting weaker. Having anointed her and also sat down to chat with her, it struck me that we can be so blase about this matter and never realize just how much suffering is going on here.

Both these experiences are my touchstones to the reality of such suffering and how we mostly try to downplay or avoid them without realising that it is through these moments that we can learn valuable lessons about the fragility of life and that we are not masters of the universe after all.

It bothers me that there are people who think these instances are glitches in the system which plays no meaningful part in the overall plan of a bigger picture we call Life.

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