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Monday, November 03, 2003

The Jog
I went jogging this afternoon and it was a good way for me to run things through about my current stint here at Holy Family. Overall it has been a good experience so far that is not without its fair share of discomforts here and there. Nothing's perfect...

Still I can help but feel a little disappointed with several major issues that are found wanting within this community. Without pointing fingers at anyone or any organisation here are my pet peeves:
a. There is still this strong sense of needing to keep certain old habits, no matter what.
b. There is this tendency to sweep many things under the carpet hoping the problem(s) will go away.
c. Great tendency to create a rift between life and faith. A good example would be the carpark problem and the illegal parking by the road and neighbours' houses. We may be listening to a wonderful homily on loving our neighbour and outside our neighbours are seething away in anger and almost threatening lawsuit because his gate is blocked by one of our parishioner's car and he can't get out! Which brings me to the next item...
d. We seem to forget our common sense when our convenience takes precedence.

The scariest part now is that because I am slowly 'getting into the groove' with the parish, living in this community, I may end up like one or all of the above! OK, I may be exaggerating a little. Those items above also can be found in many other parishes. Holy Family does not claim monopoly to those bad habits. However, I still have hope that I can grow together with this parish for the betterment of all and that God's kingdom will eventually be more apparent in our community.

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