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Monday, August 18, 2003

Mixed Bag of Ramblings
The BIG Picture
Happened to switched on the TV and came across a documentary on the Discovery channel that talked about the mysterious super massive blackholes that are lurking in the universe. Apparently they are found in almost all of the galaxies in this universe. They may be the very reason how such galaxies are formed. Black holes are what all science fiction movies are made off only this time it is for real! They suck up everything that gets in their way and not even light can escape them. As a matter of fact we have one in our own backyard - in the middle of our Milky Way (where our solar system is residing). Makes you feel tingly all over doesn't it?...

So for all the wonders that men can do, we are still nowhere in this scale of greatness that we usually try to put ourselves into. It doesn't matter that we are on the road to conquering the final frontier - space - but all will grind to a halt when faced with the presence of a black hole that nullifies all. Makes all our problems seem small, tiny or microscopic in comparison. That's what you get when you begin to look at the bigger picture...

Use the Force, Luke!
Someone complained that I haven't used the elements from the movie Lord of the Rings to get some message across in my homilies yet. That was because she heard my last weekend homily that used the Yoda and Luke Skywalker training sequence to tie in with the Bread of Life discourse. She wanted some limelight to be shed on LOTR for my future homilies. Well, as any homilies would go, there is always the right time and dovetailing of these elements that would help to enlightened the congregation on the message for that week. So far I haven't found that occasion yet. And I stress the word YET.

No chance, man!
Just when I thought I could get off from a busy schedule a while this week, I suddenly found myself doing a funeral mass on my off-day, helping Trinity for two evening masses and more meetings to contend with. Nature certainly abhors a vacuum...

Have a nice week ahead! Don't do anything I wouldn't.

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