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Monday, August 11, 2003

Having a Life
Catechists' Convention, RCIA on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the recent Sacrament of Reconciliation for primary 2s and 3s (here at Holy Family and at OLPS), interviews, my Mandarin classes on Wednesdays and Fridays, not to mention celebration of Masses on week days and the weekend - and people still wonder what we priests do on a normal day! As though we sit by the phone, twiddling our fingers, waiting for work to do. Before we can even breathe after finishing one, another comes sliding in, grabbing your attention almosty immediately. All of them seems URGENT...I haven't even add in the unusual, ad-hoc cases that may slip in now and then that could throw a spanner into the works muddling up the entire schedule!

Still, this is the life we priests unite ourselves to. It is not unusual that we can sometimes come to an extent that our ministry totally drains our very well-being in meeting to the demands of the parishioners. So, today I cherish the quiet and peace that Monday usually can offer to recoup my strength and reassemble my thoughts and mind after the hectic weekend.

This week I am celebrating the morning Masses. So, the rest of the day can offer me opportunities to focus a little it better on my work (preparing homilies, answering voicemails, - ...fill in the blanks here... -) and indulge in a spot of jogging if the weather is fine and my knees hold together!

By the way, why do people confess the same sins again and again? Can't we just follow the advice of the confessor and move on with life? DO we have a life to move on to in the first place?...

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