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Monday, August 04, 2003

Too Random For Comfort
A short intermission lasted for about 2 weeks... tsk, tsk!

As usual I am finding it rather difficult to try and summarise my thoughts of the past weeks and what is happening now as my mind is constantly making many random thoughts that are not cohesive enough too down in writing. There is already some thinking about what to prepare for a special case baptism tomorrow morning, when can I leave this office and get down to my hour of needed prayer and all other impending pastoral issues that are screaming for attention!

Having gone just over a full month as a priest, I have managed to see through many interesting pastoral work that gave affirmation to the vocation I profess. For those things that I could effect a change for the better, a sense of deep joy resonated within my being. For those which I am unable, well, the Lord knows better and it is his to resolve accordingly.

Meanwhile, my office has been spruced up a little with a few more pictures on the wall. A friend may be going to London. Asked her to try and get a large cloth banner/poster of the Broadway play 'Les Miserables' so that I can drape it down from my window office to the grounds of the church below (I'm on the 2nd floor). That should put a 'nice touch' to my office decor this side of town. The trick is trying to get that banner/poster!

Till the next round, wishing one and all peace and joy and God bless!

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