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Monday, June 02, 2003

Que Sera Sera
It is always a profound and challenging exercise to seat here and stare at the screen to write something down for this blog. The thought have to be rearranged and you have to actually reflect them through to see whether it is suitable for the public. What is on my mind now is this whole idea of getting use to my stay here at Holy Family and how I have been an effect to the running of some areas in this parish. Officially I am to be posted here for next couple of years and also to help out in Catholic News.

This is fine and I am looking forward to what more constructive and learning experience I can receive and also to contribute. So far the results of my presence and stay here has been a mixture of the good and those things which I can do without. Whatever the case is, it's going to be a part of a life that I need to handle and cope with. Sirach 2: 1 (Ecclesiasticus 2: 1 for the uninitiated) didn't pull any punches with all those who aspire to work for the Lord! Que sera sera...

Peace and joy!

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