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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Bring on the Fire!
'True Colours' by Cyndi Lauper is playing in the background. I've just plonked myself onto my seat after the 8 pm Sunset Mass for Ascension. It had been a rather tiring day and the weather didn't help much with its heat. I am now exhausted! So blogging in the evenings, as these are the times I can really start something like this, are never easy. The mind goes all over the place and after a while clear headed thinking becomes almost an impossibility.

Had to do a house blessing in the afternoon over at Joo Chiat Terrace. A young couple with an infant and the child's grandmother staying under one roof in a three storey terrace house. Both the couple are working with the Army. The wife has to go to Tekong while the husband is working to Tuas. Their child, whose name is prophetically called, Isaiah stays with his grandmother's place in Tampines while his parents go to work. The couple's house is quite big and has an attic that I simply love to stay in! Cosy and comfortable and has this feeling of peace and solitude abiding in in.

Now that we are coming closer towards Pentecost, I am wondering just how much we have progressed or been transformed into truly disciples of the Lord in fulfilling his mission... Not much significant conversion is apparent in our Catholic community. What is most found common and abundant are conflicts, disagreements, tension and pressure in the lives of the people that doesn't seem to want to go away. We are struggling to live the mission and the message but seem to have forgotten the real purpose of who this message is suppose go to and where.

When I took my off-day on Tuesday I went to see my Spiritual Director and poured out sob story of my diaconate living and how I have managed to cope with it all. His answer to all this has been expected and gave me a renewed sense of purpose. It's the ulitmate mission of a bishop and therefore also his priests to make the message known, in the good and in the bad, to all in whatever the conditions. Don't do too many things and forget the main purpose of why you are there for - the Word and its continual mission of evangelisation. My dealings and hand-holding of RCIA and the Catechists are there to remind me that the going is tough and yet necessary for my understanding of what Word is doing for and to all those who are involved in this mission.

As I finish this entry, Gordon Lightfoot's philosophical and profound song on his take of life and relationships - If You Could Read My Mind Love - is playing...

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