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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The Deacon In Attendance
As of Monday evening, I am now officially, in the eyes of the Church, a full-fledged Deacon.

The ceremony at St Anne's went very well, in spite of a few minor glitches which went a little unnoticed unless you are at the main altar. The MC, Fr Luke, was his usual impeccable style of efficiency and perfection which helped in the smooth running of the whole ordination. It was a grand affair for the 4 of us who had to undertake with solemn procedures to the step of the clergy under the ministrations of the Archbishop.

Having taken up this lifestyle, my feelings in all these is total gratefulness with a peaceful and abiding joy that I had finally been able to fulfil what I had been called and invited to and set out for. I am now assisting at the altar and preaching (Mon evening and Wednesday morning) during the weekday masses and its the full duties of my role during the Sunday masses. I am also up for my first major Sunday homily on the 9 March.

Such is the day in the life of a deacon. Wishing all peace and joy and God's blessings!

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