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Sunday, October 20, 2002

All Good Things Must Come to An End
Blogging has been kind of erratic lately. Since the the last upgrade by the powers that be, been having difficulties in getting into my post to put up any entries. Now that I have finally write some nonsense here is a consolation.

Finally ended my term with Holy Spirit with the final Catechism class with the Sec. 2 this afternoon. It has always been a challenge to take on any Cat. class but to go through a secondary class and live to tell the tale is another matter. The fact that I am able to pen something on this goes far to say something about my will to see things through despite the difficulties. Nonetheless, it has been a rather enriching experience to have to encounter and follow the lives and hopes of these teenagers who are slowly but surely growing into young adults. A responsible and Catholic adult for that matter! The future burns brightly for them and opportunities abound on who they can truly become. Time will tell if God's dream for them is fulfil in its entirety or not...

Meanwhile I now have to concentrate on my remaining days here in the Seminary and the workload that will see me through the year end. I still have my Bacca exams in Penang to suffer through. This year has certainly been one roller coaster ride after another. But the sense of finishing the stay in the Seminary (after 8 years of formation and studies) and the vision of what holds for my vocation that is to come is electrifying! The future is challenging and if the world continues its path like we see and hear over the news lately, its one world where a lot of hope and patience must be given in order to remain sane. I hope I don't add to the problem.

For now, the day is done and night is not getting any younger. Sleep well and don't let the monsters bite!

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