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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Life's Tragedy
Thursday. A respite from lessons. One of the two days of the week where I don't have any classes. Even so, there are so much of things to do that even a whole day free from lessons is not enough to sort out what is to be done. Certainly a foretaste of what a life in the ministry would be later on. Not that I am griping about it, nor am I happy with it either. It's just how things are. After my spiritural direction last night, I came away from it a little better and enlightened with what to expect in my future ministry. The fundamental question of my basic relationship with God continues to take centrestage. In all this, the movement of the Spirit indicates a significant yet subtle hand of guiding me towards the goal of my Seminary formation.

Today's memoria on the beheading of John the Baptist points to a reality of life where doing God's will or even living a life in Christ will have its 'bitter' and 'tragic' consequences. But like the phoenix that rises out of the ashes of tragedy or Jesus coming our of his tomb, the Word of God prevails and brings forth new life. But for now life's mundane offerings and the grind of seminary duties beckons. No rest for the weary...

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