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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Trying to Fall in Love...
For the two weeks that I've been here, there never was a moment without some sense of the wonderful works of God being experienced in many various forms and flavour. This was heightened by the absence of the priests of the parish as they are away for a retreat. Firstly, this absence saw the first time in perhaps a long, long time that we experience a communion service. What we thought would put people off seems to have gone down well with those who have attended the regular weekday masses. The atmosphere was different but no less sacred and meaningful. The good work put in by the communion ministers also contributed to the general acceptance and success of this service. While I myself know that, the need for more priests is also there, but during this time I was more of the opinion that the lay people would be able to handle a priestless situation should such an incident happens. It's an affirmation that they are ready for more collaboration of lay roles that would complement the priest's.

My session with the RCIA group last night went quite well in spite of the long day and tired minds of the enquirers. Tried to make my input a little more interesting but it as an uphill task. However, the second part of the session which had several activities and sharing to do became much more of a livelier experience for them. Strangely, the result that ended in the lesson that night during the activities gave a good summary and experience for all to understand, that I myself never thought of. Strange, but then not unexpected. The hand of God was certainly present and at the precise timing, as usual.

I am having a great time over here at Holy Spirit and I treasure the experiences of the life and people here. It has its best moments and it has its lowest ebb. Through them all, I have grown somewhat and have become more appreciative of what I have and who I am with. It's no longer the big and fancy things in life that gets my attention now but the simple, natural, life-giving and sacred elements that takes one plane higher for me to fall in love with God more.

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