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Thursday, August 01, 2002

New Challenges, Old Habits
August is upon us. I'm back at the seminary and the new semester has begun. Everything hints of new challenges and opportunities. The cry of 'Sieze the day!' wafts through the air, intermingling with the chirps and whistles of the birds that fly by. It's good to be back unto more familiar and less strenous surroundings after some months of moving and working in the parish. This is the month where we also give an account of ourselves - our yearly assessment is here! Well, I'm ready and, perhaps, humbled by the events and experiences in the parish, see that I have many more things to learn and reflect on. One of the biggest setback in staying at the parish is the erratic moments for meditation, so much so, that sometimes I did not do them at all. Still, to be able to continue the Divine Office and some moments of quiet time was an achievement enough.

This week also is going to a be a little introspective as we begin our recollection this weekend under Fr John Chua, OCD. Not too sure what topic we are going to look into but I'm looking forward to a restful and quiet moment to pull all my thoughts together and see where I've been going these past months. Off hand I know it hasn't been all that great, neither was it too bad. Sort of a mish-mash of this and that. Old habits also die hard. Always room for improvement, I am optimistic that all will find its eventual meaning as I journey closer towards the new chapter of my life in the priesthood.

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