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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Marine Life and Caretaker: What Gives? had been a week of many experiences and lessons learned. I resumed my visits to the altar boys homes and met their parents. Again it was a variety of family settings and lifestyle that made the visits enjoyable even if they were very tiring. Managed to do three homes this time: 2 in a landed property and one in a HDB flat. While the lifestyle varies, their commitment and values to the family setting are very strong enabling them to maintain a strong family bond among themselves and with the parish. The parents have expressed their would hopes that one of their sons may joined the priesthood one day. One young chap who is enamoured by the Discovery channel series has expressed his desire to be a marine biologist. I suggested to him that he pursue that and later when he is satisfied with what he has to offer the marine field, he joins the priesthood...he grinned with a twinkle in his eye.

Met up with some of my ex-Eusoffians hostel friends. KK, Maurice, Sherwin, Yong Poh and Wilfred. All married and fathers or just being a husband. It was an enjoyable time of catching up with old times and also updating with their current state of life and work. I now know, for instance, where to go for games s/w at Sim Lim where Yong Poh's 3 shops are situated. Incidentally, he married a Muslim and is one now. Maurice was his usual plump self, harbouring grandiose thoughts of breaking into the entertainment line should he gives up his law practice. Had a ball of a time in the midst of children running and shouting and the plethora of food that could feed a battalion of soldiers.

For the coming week, I become the resident caretaker as the priests will be away for their retreat. Barring any emergencies or deaths, I think it is going to be a relatively quiet and peaceful watch. I hope!

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