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Thursday, June 06, 2002

A World Cup Commentary and the Clones
Still hanging around the seminary. Monday's the day I begin my pastoral. Caught the Senegal-Denmark match. Exciting and I think the African team did well in containing Denmark to a draw. Sure, there were hard kicking plays by both teams. Senegal paid dearly for one when Diao was sent off 10 minutes after he scored the equaliser, when he gave a rather dangerous tackle. But overall, both teams played zealously for the full points but only managed a draw. Denmark needed an uplifting full point because they will be meeting France next. I don't think France is going to give them a chance after its humiliating defeat by Senegal. They are out to draw blood! Denmark has a rather uphill task to get through France now...

I haven't seen Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones yet! Aarrgh! I'll need to get to it before I lose it all together. Trouble is I promised a bunch of catechism children (primary school) and their teacher that I will join them. However, till now I haven't received news when they are going. Their teacher is also uncontactable! So, Belinda Danker if you are reading this, call me RIGHT NOW!...

I shall now suffer in silence and catch another World Cup match while waiting. **sigh**

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