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Friday, June 14, 2002

It's Friday!
Went for my dental appointment. Had two dead teeth extracted. Didn't hurt much as I was on l.a. (local anaethesia). But that meant two spaces between my incisors and the front teeth on my upper right jaw. That's not the end though. I have another 3 more of the same kind to do! Soon I may be needing dentures...(hello, mid-life crisis!). Still I can't complain. Who's fault was it that did not keep his teeth clean enough to avoid all this?...

Anyway, life goes on.

Tonight I am making a house visit to a neighbourhood group gathering at Shunfu estate. The group there is having a rosary session and hope to get to meet the residents there to know them a little better. A little walk there would do me some good. Besides the night is beautiful and I need a breath of fresh air! Tomorrow I shall be having my hands full with children from the catechism class and the altar servers. Practically the whole day I would be in the vicinity of Bishan from the visit at the fire-station to the cinema at Junction 8 and, if I'm still breathing, Bishan park before all ends at 4pm. Hopefully, I don't expire myself before that! That's pastoral work for you at Holy Spirit...

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