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Sunday, June 16, 2002

Have Seen Better Days!
I must say that this weekend hasn't been all too bad. Yesterday followed the altar servers to the Bishan Fire Station for some hands-on in fire fighting and the vehicles there. The kids had a first-hand experience in sitting in a fire-engine and got to see a demonstration on how the firemen did their stuff.

Later I had to accompany another group of Pri. 3 catechism children to a movie outing at Bishan with Belinda, their catechist. There was a total of 9 children and they had us on our toes for the rest of the afternoon. Saw Scooby Doo and then had a go with the video games arcade after that. We also had some help from Fiona and Elizabeth to chaperone the kids around. I had a chance to show my prowess at one of the shooting game together with two other children as we went to shoot and destroy monsters and ghouls to retrieve some magic crystals to save the day. By the time we finished the entire levels my fingers were cramped and my legs wobbled like jelly! My gaming partners were all ready for another round while I looked liked a tired fighter that has seen better days... But I enjoyed myself. It has been a long time since I last played in an arcade like this. Those kids were extremely good. I get the feeling that I was getting older by the second standing with them trying to blast away and reloading my weapon like crazy.!

By the time we all got back, I was ready to drop unceremoniously onto a bed, and sleep for the next 48 hours. The kids were ready to tackle Bt Timah hill and would still have some left over for a run around at Macritchie Reservoir if their parents hadn't come to take them home! Aah, the vigour and passion of being young and youthful...

Pastoral work is certainly a was to gauge how one can relate to the nitty gritty of life as it stands. A no-holds-barred situation can jolt one from the ivory tower of life we call the seminary and confront the realities of living in a fast paced society like Singapore. Today I was gently reminded not to block too much the pathway while I was giving communion. Not that it was my fault and all but still I should have made the necessary adjustments to address the situation accordingly. Anyway, one learns from such incident(s) and move on.

So, another week ends and I begin the last pastoral week for this month before I take a short break. Looking forward to the houe visits of the altar servers next week. Wonder what interesting items I will turn up?...

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