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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Day 3
Survived another day of pastoral at Holy Spirit. Had an engaging talk last night with some of the RCIA coordinators about what one can do with the RCIA lifestyle especially when it is properly taken up as part and parcel of the life within the parish. It's a personal dream of mine and may need some more reflection. Still it's an interesting thought...

The blog of mine has to dispense, once and for all, the graphic representations as they tend to be misplaced after a while. Don't know what is the real problem. Perhaps something to do with the linking between my page and where the graphics are being stored (Yahoo! Singapore). At least I managed to retain the newsfeed.

Meeting with the Youth group this morning. 'Jn 10: 10' is trying to pick up the pieces again after their dismal first 1/2 year. Have to tell them to be more focus on their needs and those of the youths of this parish. Then it's off for my dental appointment at 2 p.m. Don't relish that, but a man got to do what he's got to do... You all be good now, hear!

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