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Friday, June 21, 2002

England To Win?...
You'd know the World Cup is hotting up when I begin to put an interest in it by going over to a neighbour's house, opposite the church this afternoon for the Brazil and England game. All this while, since coming to Holy Spirit, I have been following only the post match updates, even the most thrilling games during the first round. I must say that this year's matches have been rather eye-opening and caused many upsets.

As for my house visits to the altar servers' homes, they have been very encouraging and enjoyable. Got to meet different families from various walks of life and occupations that can make one's head spin. Such diversity and interesting lifestyles! All in all, managed to visit 9 homes over a period of three nights. My companion on this visitation was Edmund, the servers' adult advisor. He has been very helpful in arranging and calling up these people to accomodate our visits.

I shall be finishing my last week here for June. Next week would be my break. There's also my acolyte installation coming up...

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