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Thursday, June 27, 2002

Bye, Bye Anakin!
Went to Lido cinema this afternoon hoping to catch Star Wars II before it goes off but found out it has already ended its run yesterday. I was feeling utterly disappointed for missing it and felt a little lost after I left the ticketing counter wondering what to do next. I ended up spending some time at Borders and leaving that place with a VCD purchase on 'Hearts In Atlantis' (stars Anthony Hopkins based on a Stephen King novel). The rest of the day was spend wondering what went wrong with my timing that I missed THE movie I had been waiting for since Episode I. Having to miss out on that is tantamount to being sacriligeous! I grew up with the Star Wars universe. It was even instrumental for where I am now. Serious! *sigh* Looks like I have to catch it on VCD, then...

To think I can get so obsess over a movie. Imagine what great things I can do if I can translate even 1% of that obsession into my zeal and life towards the priesthood! Right now, I am struggling with so many things (spiritual, physical and mental) that I doubt they get any better as we get closer to the end of the year. My prayer life was reasonable during the pastoral weeks but suddenly took a dip since I got back to the Seminary. Maybe I am too comfortable with this place, where I've been staying for the past 8 years. Familiarity do breed contemp. Trying to find a firmer footing to anchor myself firmly in prayer and contemplation but the task is very burdensome. Still I continue to plod on and do the best I can. Am looking for a way out this rut. The spiritual direction this week with Fr Goh has helped somewhat but more needs to be done. Pray that I find enlightenment soon...

One of my friends from Holy Cross is thinking of migrating to Germany as she finds Singapore rather oppressive. I don't know if that is a good idea. Right now I think she is basing her decision on a lot of assumptions and an emotional dislike on things and life Singaporean due to her difficult time here both with the people at work and at home. With no diploma or university degree and armed only with some working experience, she hopes to get into Germany by applying at the German Embassy. I don't know what the outcome may be and it would certainly be a miracle if they give her the green light! Praying for her that she would be able to sort out her priorities.

In the meantime another day is about to end soon as I pen this entry. For better or for worse, may tomorrow be kind ot us all. May the good Lord bless and keep you!

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