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Monday, July 01, 2002

Bye, Bye World Cup!
The greatest show on earth has ended. No more soccer, no more evening meals and lunches in front of the tv, no more shouting and screaming of 'GOooal!', no more 'footballitis'. It is the return to normalcy and the attack of the soccer widows! Husbands who have neglected their wives to the lure of the World Cup on tv are now goingto bear the brunt of their wives wrath and sweet revenge - if we let the Flying Dutchman and Class 95 have us to believe. Calls coming into their station seem to indicate some form of 'retaliation'. Ah, well. Human nature never fails to intrigue me...As for the final result of the World Cup, I had wanted S Korea to lift the trophy, but I guess Brazil did do its nation proud (and the rest of the world) by coming behind from a scrappy start and amidst many criticisms to win for a fifth phenomenal World Cup over Germany. They deserve it!

Rained heavily today. Don't know what made me decided to take a trip to SPI but I had a delightful time there finding out answers to some questions that have been bugging me with catechetics recently. Also decided to visit Jessie's new place at Highland Centre. Her school for 'special' children was in the 2nd floor and I had an enlightening time there going over the premises and met some of the younger students. And speaking of students, the seminary is flooded with some 22 Jesuit novices doing their 8 day retreat this week and into next week. Never had so many 'students' staying in since 1995! Then it was our own batch of seminarians and myself the 'rookie'...

The Myanmar brothers are back. Perhaps I can get a decent haircut from one of them before my installation this Sunday. My head feels heavy and feeling like a mop with all that hair accumulating for the past 3 to 4 months.

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