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Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Well, well, I've reached the double digit for my site visits since I have the meter installed. Thank you all who have peeked in, even if, for a brief moment. I know it ain't that grand as the other blogs you may have seen but it serves my purpose, for now. I wonder if the P2P project has helped somewhat...

It's pouring outside! The first rainfall in weeks. Can't say the plants and trees in the seminary are complaining...They were wilting under the scorching sun this past week.

Just came back from an excursion to Novena Square. Thought I'd checked out that mall to see what they have over there. WH Smith attracted my attention but its offering of books weren't that great. Kinokuniya still tops my fave spot. Dropped by at Wellsprings to see how Pete is doing. Got a couple of encyclopedias from him which may come in handy later.

Still in the light of Easter and fresh from my retreat, I'm ruminating over several insights I got on what adjustments to make in my life a seminarian. One of them perhaps is to be less serious and hang loose a little. Don't go around as if I have chains in my underwear. Apart from that, life is manageable today.

Be good, people!

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