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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Date with the Holy Spirit
Another week has passed since the last blog. Started my pastoral work at Holy Spirit. A parish undergoing a major construction of the church premises that would later house a hall, chapel, priests' house, classrooms... My first experience of the parish that Friday when I had just unpacked and freshened up and got seated at the kitcehn for a cup of coffee was a conversation with the architech of the new church building. He was trying to figure out how our 'first parents' (those guys with the problem of the apple...) were able to beget children to the kinds of people and groups of population we have now. Boy, was I stumped! if one were to take Genesis literally like a historical science journal, you would be wondering if God has gotten his end of the work correct. Anyway, if that wasn't enough, I met up with the youth group that night who called themselves John 10: 10. Very loose and casual group with not too much sense of direction and organisation. Nonetheless, they do try to make a point for their faith through their prayers and singing. The weekend at Holy Spirit was a opener of sorts as I got to know various groups of people and friends who happened to be parishioners there. The environment and the people there was warm and friendly. As always we have the talkative ones but still with a good heart.

This weekend is the Vocation Awareness session in the Seminary. Things are moving with us here to prepare for the event: exhibition, forum, para-liturgy. Hope all will be well and the session a success. Singapore may be a small dot on the map, but like anywhere the call is the same - we need more priests!

Peer-to-Peer Review project's dateline is over. I wonder what's the outcome?...

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