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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Spiritual Blahs...
Well, after a break here's another round of digs at life from a seminarian's point of view.

The Vocation session with the parishes went very well despite some minor glitches. It's as though it meant to be this way with the need for a more proactive call towards the awareness of the priestly vocation. There's nothing stopping us now - unless of course it is derailed by the lack of commitment on the part of the parishes. So, we'll see what comes up within this couple of months. Next week being Vocations Sunday (21st Apr), the acid test for these parish vocation teams would be their presentation to the people and how effective they are in indicating this need to educate all in this mission for vocations.

My pastoral work continues and am slowly getting into the swing of things at the parish of Holy Spirit. A neighbourhood group gathering allowed myself to see the interaction between the members and noted the common difficulty of getting them to work together or even supporting the group activities. Singapore with its affluence and the independent attitude of its people just do not seem to allow the spirit of communal get-together to flourish to its fullest. We continue to try...

Now that the the P2P project is over, I sure would like to know what my blog really say to other people. Granted, it can be much better that what I have now. Well, let's see what it is capable of as it is. Wishing you blue skies and stop and smell the roses now and then...

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