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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Silver Linings and Thornbushes
I must confess, I've been rather slow and lazy lately with writing this blog. The sense of complacency sort of sets in rather easily and I completely give in to doing absolutely nothing in putting something in here.

So, what really has gone on the past weeks? Well, the Seminary's setting have seen some drastic changes lately with the landscaping just beginning as Fr Vincent and his team start their project in beautifying the area. After some 14 years, the Seminary may be getting her makeover she greatly deserves. The garden outside facing the road has been quite a sight for sore eyes all these while. Now that it is being resuscitated for better viewing and appreciation, let's hope that it also becomes a sign of better vocation for the archdiocese.

Lately, I've been in contact with people who are going through some trying times and I feel very helpless as I am unable to assist them appropriately due to distance, time and different priorities. One is having difficulties in coping with her son's frequent absence from school, another a broken marriage and another who wonders what to do when life offers her a thornbush. It is frustrating to see them trying their very best to cope with the situation when all seems rather hopeless. The word here is 'seems'. I still believe in a silver lining under every dark cloud. Something will surely give somewhere. Meanwhile I can only feel for them and offer silent and anguish prayers for deliverance on their behalf. I utter the consoling and yet imploring prayer of 'Mother Mary, St Joseph, my father and lord, my guardian angel, intercede for us' for these people tonight as I write this...

I need some change in my own life, too. A positive change that would help me address my vocation and diaconate later. It's a need for morer strengthening of my spiritual life. It has been rather erratic the past months and I feel rather out of phase in my relationship with the Lord. Perhaps a more committed prayer time in the wee hours of the morning could help. So, as of tomorrow, my day would always begin at 4.30 am. (ouch!... but necessary).

Pax vobiscum!

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