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Thursday, January 24, 2002

Are We Listening?...
It has been about two weeks already since I began the new semester. What does the year brings forth can be felt from the recent goings on:

a. Inauguration Mass - the Archbishop encouraged us all, students and lecturers to focus on our respective responsibilities in fulfiling our roles and vocation in accordance to the will and direction of God. Not through blind acceptance but through discernment and prayer besides our studies and other activites.

b. Extended Recollection - Fr David Garcia, O.P. stressed and pointed out that all that we learned in the seminary has its purpose in directing and showing the us the way in our ministry later. We don't see the big picture now, only pieces of the puzzle.

c. Seminary's "new management's" vision - Our new Rector, Fr Anthony Ho, wants the setting of the seminary to be more 'family-like'. The sense of family and communal camaderie is an important ingredient for the development and growth of the Seminary and its call for more vocations.

d. Prayer for World Peace - Both the mass at St Anne's and the service at Holy Family brought home the message of how vulnerable we are, in the light of 911, and how imperative it is for us to come closer to one another in peace and harmony despite the difficulties and differences. The prayers said/chanted by the various religious representatives was a touching moment in affirming our stand for world peace and justice.

e. Spiritual Direction - my first direction under a new SD, since Fr Chan is no longer available. Fr William Goh was helpful in showing me the way out of a difficult question I was struggling with all this while. The sense of renewal and being refreshed, after the sacrament of reconciliation that followed, was very much welcomed. I feel in a better position now to handle my life appropriately in the light of my vocation to the priesthood.

f. Renewal for priests of the diocese and the transfers taking place - Much needed action that will see a new and interesting challenges for the clergy and religious. There will certainly be much pains and some deeper reflection for the many priests affected. However, I believe this is a good and opportune step by the Archbishop in initiating these changes. The parishes and the laity needed a new breath of fresh air!

The Spirit is moving. It is those who are able to discern well that will be able to weather the storms up ahead. Is there anyone listening?...

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