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Friday, August 03, 2001

Kairos: The Right Time
Interesting how the past week has turned out if you let the currents of time take their course. While discerning my next step to take concerning my life as a 2nd last year seminarian, the answers just came flowing out in such a manner that I can't help but see the mark if God there. Even today, like any other ordinary day, seemed filled with the graces of God necessary to be enlightened from a question that had been troubling we for a while - bacca, to do or not to do? A way was shown....

So here are my directions:
a. More exploration into the pastoral work especially with regards to catechetics.
b. Census taking with the Legion of Mary - opportunity for further activities in house visits especially those whom you are not sure whether the occupants are Catholics or not. Adds some *adventure* to the usually ordered and rigid living within the seminary confines.
c. Putting prayer into practice - going out of myself and be life-giving. Prayer without action is dead and hypocritical.

Apart from the above, life has been generally fair to me and a little uplifting. However, the days been a little cloudy lately with rain and occasional passing showers. Today James mowed too near a hornets' nest and got stung by one. Not to bad, he survived to see another day! But he will not be using shorts the next time he is grass classmate, Friar Eugene Yeow made his final profession the Tuesday past. He is now a full-fledge Franciscan! Next stop - priesthood...

Tomorrow is another new day and my computer hasn't crash yet. Have yours? So much for the viruses...

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