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Sunday, July 29, 2001

A Breakthrough!
A refreshing recollection. The seminarians were with Fr Tom Curran the past two and a half days on Prayer and Growth. A timely recollection as it more or less answered some of the pressing questions that were in my mind the past few months - my dryness in spiritual life and what I ought to do about it? Gave some constructive steps to think about and possibly do. My ultimate mover in all this is God himself. He will show me the way. All I have to do now is to wait on him and continue in my connection with Him through prayer and meditation. When the time is right a direction will be given. No one else can do this. I have to open myself to His love. It is because that I don't open myself that I put obstacles in the way, to my detriment. I have done my share of loving God, one way or another, forced or natural. Now it is to allow Him to love me.

St Anne's celebrated their feast day this Sunday. After the recollection, went down to the parish to check out their Food and Funfair. Still had soem food around and many games stall still operational. They were due to end around 1pm. Anyway, went there empty handed, after I left the place I came back with two plastic bags full of food and other goodies. How providential! The Lord provides. My thanks to all who had generously given them.

Having floated aimlessly like a driftwood in a sea of uncertainty, I have now resolved after the recollection to begin more earnestly to put my prayer into action. Perhaps that was why I felt drifting aimlessly - I did not concretize my prayer life actively, procratinating all the time, feeling fearful or uncertain about unnecessary things. The time for action is now. So, there's work to be done for the catechists, RCIA, Lectors and Commentators and the Legion of Mary. Hopefully I am able to give life to these ministries and encourage those in it to take up the challenge to "do something beautiful for God"!

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