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Saturday, August 04, 2001

Saintly or Not?
A man with vision overcomes obstacles and performs deeds that seem impossible.
article on St John Vianney, patron saint of parish priests.

Missed Lauds this morning. My alarm didn't go off and when I came to it was already late. Felt lousy. I am the timekeeper and this is certainly embarassing! Well, life continues...

St John Vianney feast day today. Trying to emulate this saint is looking for trouble. He is just too impossible to follow even if you take out the stuff of legends that goes around him and stick to the recorded facts. Here is one who actually 'fasted' on boiled potatoes for many years in his effort to convert the village he was sent to (that goes by the unfortunate name of Ars), which he succeeded. I do that for a day and I'd end up in the hospital. But I admire this man. He goes on my list of incredible people (past and present and not necessary saints) alongside St Joan of Arc. They both possessed a vision and clarity of faith that God is with them through it all. If only the world would believe in God with half as much as they do and it would be a much better place to live in. *sigh*...

Tomorrow at St Anne's, the enquirers (RCIA) will be called to the Catechumenate stage. There are about 21 of them. Hope and pray that they know what they are getting themselves into. Me, I had no choice but looking back over the years and what is coming up, there are no regrets. For now, I'll just say 'give me your best shot, World!'

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