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Thursday, June 28, 2001

The Thing about the Thong
All my bags are packed and ready to go...'tis au revoir to St Anne's (for now) till I resume my weekend pastoral in August.

Fr. Jack left this morning at 6 a.m. heading back to California. Heard it is summer there. Here it is hot, humid and there are sounds of thunder heralding the arrival of rain..oh, wait a minute, it is raining now...!

Yesterday's sports news from ST (dated June 27th): <The Women's International Squash Players' Association (Wispa) has given the green light to play in thongs> I don't quite know how to take to this but it seems that sports have now taken a rather downward turn towards making women more a 'sex object' than what they really should be - sports women. Then again what do I know... everyone now seems to be herding towards a society of 'less dress' being a better mode of expression. A thot just occurred to me... if we keep on with this, perhaps sports would to an ultra-modern concept of total undress for all players in all kinds of sports where even the spectators are in their 'birthday suits' too. Actually this is nothing new. They did this at the ancient Olympics, but that was only to keep the women out and I thot we have progressed...This may be a boon for TV viewers at home tho. They get to watch the whole 'au naturale' thing but get to keep their clothes on. What is the world coming to??...sigh*

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