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Wednesday, June 27, 2001

New longstory...
OK, take a deep breath....breathe in...out (me, not you!)

What a day! Suppose to be my off day but ended up troubleshooting my blog pages that eventually couldn't be resolve. Wanted to post them onto Geocities server but apparently not compatible, or something. Anyway due to complications I had to delete my previous postings and created this newer one from scratch. So my previous rants and raves are gone! (as if any one cares...).

Now that I've gotten things back into order, I'm spaced out with too much staring into the flickering screen. Had reshuffle some of my homepages again to, hopefully, give a better flow and presentation to my 'long story' (again, as if anyone cares...)

Meanwhile life goes on...
a. New archbishop ordination 7th Oct 2001, venue National Stadium.
b. am finishing St Anne's stint tomorrow - had great fun here.
c. put in work like parish census (walking from floor to floor seeking out Catholic households, having doors close ever so gently in yr face, waiting for ages outside the corridor while they fill up the census form, admiring the different sets and colors of the shoes displayed outside each unit), helping in the youth activities (masquerade party, preparing the core team for the start of the youth group in St Anne's), distributing communion on Saturdays and Sundays, even assisted in one installation service for one niche in the columbarium.

My admiration goes out to:
a. catechists - for trying to pass on the faith to the next generation of youths and young people who seemed more keen on the ads of the newest Nokia handphone
b. youth group - for sincerely trying to make something out of their activities and gathering never minding whether it would ever last into next year...
God bless them all!

Fr Luke came back from his short holiday. He saw his car. He...why don't you check out at Barmies.
OK enough for one night. Enough of crying on the web and enough of today! Good night!

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