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Friday, November 26, 2010

They Say, We Say...

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An offshoot from being in a Seminary environment, is the opportunity to come across interesting insights that could easily be forgotten or lost in the midst of our daily hustle and bustle activity we call LIFE.

One particular insight, well... actually 12, came from a Catholic website that, coincidentally, amounted to those questions that we, as Catholic, usually have to attend to when confronted by our questioners that tend to deride our faith. Some of the questioners can be, disappointingly, be our own brethen (these are people who seemed to be the ones to look for the simplest and wrong reasons to leave the Church and the faith).

But fear no more! At InsideCatholic, a presentation of 12 Myths Every Catholic Should Be Able to Answer will assist Catholics to come to terms with what their faith is all about and if they should find themselves lacking in a decent understanding of what they are professing to, this would be a good starting point to start deepening their knowledge of their faith - and also yours.
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