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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Signing...

For those who have been with me for Salvation History course, here's a piece that captures what this history continues to mean for us today...


Tessa said...

Thkq. Barron doesn't seem to hold the view that Ezekiel is a 'psycho' case! Perhaps the 'experts' should have waited till they've touched 50 yrs of age before they try to read him. :=) Will now read Ezekiel again in this new light - always thought he's a bit of a mystic too....tessa

*fral* said...

@tessa: ezekial is a misunderstood prophet and can be quite intimidating person to cross paths with, nonetheless. :-)

reading his book now in this newer light can be a little more enlghtening with the context of the covenant in mind.


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