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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A New Look...

IHM Office - Side Corner
I haven't been able to do much postings lately due to the current workload with the change of priests in the parish.

During that time I had to, also, 'redecorate' the office which I took over from Fr Luke (who is now at Our Lady Star of the Sea). That meant figuring out how to make the office a conducive place of meeting with people of all sorts and setting up an environment where  person do not feel threatened or pressurized.

Together with a parishioner (whose hobby is interior decorating), we discussed the proposed layout and then followed by two trips to IKEA, first to scout for the items and another day to purchase them. It is amazing just how much a place can change and look different with the use and planning of space, color and careful use of shelving. So, after the makeover
IHM Office - Blue and GreenImage by Annoysius via Flickr
of sorts to my office, the whole setup and outlook of the area begin to show some life and color of its own.

I feel that I would like to be here a while and not feel intimidated or treated as one of the items around the office. The space doesn't give an impression that it is solely functional. The whole space feels alive and has a sense of dynamism that creates an air of excited anticipation that something fascinating is about to take place.

I believe we do need that sort of anticipation to experience now and then to keep us hopeful and keeping faith to our standing in life as Christians here on earth. Many a times, we can get bog down by the toils of life that we begin to think that all seems useless. To have that sense of meaning of life which points to the bigger picture, gives us hope and helps to continue on our pilgrim journey.

IHM Office - Between the Cross and TimeThe office here certainly has many stories to tell, if it could talk. Imagine all the kinds of people and the amount that have walked in and out of it. Imagine the stories that it has heard and the encounters of sorrows and joys it has experienced within the four walls that is the priest's office. If it could write a book, I wonder how many volumes it would have?....
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Natasha Yong said...

Thumbs up for the new look. Very much like a chill place to hang out.

Unknown said...

Hi, I guess why you took so long time to return to the blog - setting up an office, that's right but it's cute.

Anonymous said...

fr annoy..oops soory aloy..

well doen yr office looks COOL! didn't know you are a fan of ikea??

btw.. any plans for yr upcoming birthday? in nov 6th?

ylo said...

That's a humongous cross you have up on the wall! Is it life size? I think it'd make a good instrument for penance! Carry the cross and walk round the church for stations, uttering "mea culpa, mea culpla, mea maxima culpa" at every step of the way!

I wonder which of your parishioner will be the unlucky first! Thankfully I'm not worshipping at IHM! So parishioners of IHM, beware! Muahahahaha! :D

Young Minstrel said...

where de Star Wars n Lord of the Rings?! and where telescope? *WAAAAAAAAIL* wanna swing lightsaber again n see stars!!!


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