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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Amelia - SignImage by Annoysius via Flickr
I am currently going through my journey with the RCIA group as we continue to instruct and offer an experience of Christ to the catechumens, by way of my presentation to them in the area of the sacraments. This evening, I have the privilege to share with them the Sacrament of Confirmation.

As baptised Catholics, you may say that all these are old hat to us already and shouldn't be too much of a problem following through with them. Strangely though, this isn't usually the case. For most of us who have been baptised as infants, much of the catechising in this area has either been done poorly or what was learned then has been relegated to the twilight zone of forgotten things. Nonetheless, the grace, experience and power of the sacraments continue to impact upon the persons who are seeking baptism and those who have had a rebound in their faith life.

This brings me to an incident which tickled my funnybone and also serves as a pointed reminder to all in the faith. This was seen on a van which belongs to a signboard making shop. It's spiel is, of course, very business like and to the point. It also serves to shows us a 'sign' to take our faith seriously:
'A business without a sign is a sign of no business'

I can't argue with that!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fr,

Regarding the sacrament of confession, I've heard priests sharing openly about the confessions they hear, sometimes funny ones. Although no details or names are revealed, is this OK?

Unknown said...

@anon: my own attitude to that is to avoid using any of these, funny or not, as sharing no matter how tempting they may be to talk about w/o details or names, etc.

Unknown said...

Good, you are back to where you belong. Stay on. Me too, I am back in my room for another scholastic year.

Anonymous said...

Baptism leaving a mark on yr soul .. a sign that you are a child of God.. embrace christ all the joys and sufferings including His Cross.a total package.. And finally exchange it for a crown after life on earth..

Pax Christi

A child of God..

Lavinia Tai said...

I would like to renew my baptism. How can that be done? Happy Mid Autumn Festival, Father.

Lavinia Tai said...

Do write again, Father. Many people still enjoy reading your blog. The blogs of our Catholic priest are very precious to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Fr aloy i think is bz.. teaching in seminary.. say mass.. maybe no time to blog..anymore ..sigh......

Unknown said...

to all: was certainly busy and having spt of writers block. have already updated the latest piece and hope that helps... :-D

@lavinia: you renew your baptism everytime you participate at Mass when you recite the Creed. During Easter we also make that renewal in a special setting that also includes the baptism ceremony.


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