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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mixed Blessings

This week has certainly been quite a sombre affair with two priests passing away. Both Frs Tom O'Neil and Albert Renckens have been called back to the Lord after serving in our archdiocese so fruitfully for many years. They have been great pillars within their respective communities (Jesuits and Sacred Heart Fathers) and contributors to the Major Seminary through their tireless teaching in Liturgy and Philosophy. They will be missed. May their souls rest in peace.

Meanwhile, on the flip side, the celebration of the feast of St John Vianney this evening I (which I celebrated) saw an unusual higher amount of penitents coming for confessions. I was caught by surprise by them when I went to the confessionals 20 mins before Mass and found a long queue. I had to stopped the confessions a little more than 5 minutes before Mass as I had to celebrate Mass. I had told the remaining penitents to come back later after Mass as I would be by the confessional after that too. After mass, the queue was even longer, so much so, Fr Luke had to come by to help out! Must be the effect and presence of John Vianney (the promise of the indulgence may also contributed to this) ...

A day of mixed blessings indeed!


Young Minstrel said...

din noe Fr Renckens passed away..sigh..sadly missed

St John Vianney ROCKZ!!!!

Unknown said...

Everytime a priest dies, my childhood notion gets defeated (priest don't die). See, the level of my respect for priest.


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