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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Need Permanent Change!!!

One of the indispensible items in a classroom (normal, usual one and not those high tech types) nowadays is a whiteboard marker. One of my usual gripes about such markers is that they usually end up dry and unusable whenever I get my hands on them to start writing. So, instead of getting all hot under the collar over this, I managed to wave the blues away with these two adverts from India about a particular brand of marker...

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Young Minstrel said...

and easilyerasable

Young Minstrel said...

oh, the featured video of the MCYS TVC Funeral is good too

hehbre said...

Yes!!! Indian Ads... There are some more....more...funny. It's relaxing.

Unknown said...

I am now convinced that you need a permenant change. 'Marked permanent, erase instantly'. Incredible! Keep changing the marker. Who cares what's on the board after all.

Anonymous said...

Am here at SFI - your former school! Neat! Bro Ambrose and Mike says "Hi!" - Alf


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