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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Land of the High...

IHM Parish VisionImage by Annoysius via Flickr

It's been 5 days already since I stepped foot into the parish of IHM. Since then, I have been able to put in some work in assisting Fr Luke by celebrating the evening masses and taking up one funeral mass for this coming Saturday.

It has been one series of activities and general introduction to the life and people of this parish since I have gotten back. In the meantime, I still have some other friends and people to catch up and am wondering how to slot them into the scene with all of these flurry of goings which descended on me like a whirlwind ! :-D

At any rate, I am certainly relieved that I am on home ground and, despite the sudden workload, am glad to be able to get into the quick of things without feeling out of place. Most of these are like second nature to me, even if I had been out of touch with the S'pore scene for two years. But I did have a rude awakening of sorts when I went to buy some stuff at Shop-&-Save and felt that I don't think I saved much when I saw the bill chalked up. The prices have gone up a little too fast for my comfort! :-P

Aah, such is life. No rest for the weary!...
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ylo said...

Wah, your parish got Vision statement one! I'm so very impressed! So are the parishioners made to memorise this? I still can't quite remember my organisation's Mission, Vision and Values. :P

Unknown said...

hahahaha! dunno leh! but they flash this onto their tv screens before the start of all main masses on Sundays :-)
that's dedication :-D


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