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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Being in a Parish After a 2-year Absence

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A new one today while I still have some breathing space....

It has been a week already since my return and it has been a whirlwind of movement and activities that I felt I never had a chance to breathe properly. Before I had any chance to say, "Hello Singapore!", I was put immediately into the parish where I am now and push into the limelight of parish activities and ministry. It was a quick movement into work that immediately had me put off my student-priest mentality and to carry the weight of an assistant priest of a big parish.

Meanwhile, my status here is somewhat temporary and as such I am still in a flux, as can be seen with my things and all, placed unceremoniously in the office of the parish priest (for lack of available store room). Still, the parish here isn't too bad as the parishioners have been accomodating and welcoming. Through some of them, I have had opportunities to resavour the local food once again - chicken rice, beef noodle soup, mee pok tah, kopi O, teh C, among other things. Soon, I shall be placed into a slightly bigger room at the parish retreat house, once that has been made ready for stay.

For now, I just make the best of things and continue to be grateful that I am not struck down with the dreaded H1N1 (which, by the way, would put this parish into another frenzy!).
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Anonymous said...

hi fr. aloy,

i'm was surprised that you were posted to IHM. I'm from ihm myself and hope to see you at daily mass or in the morning..



Anonymous said...

Welcome back Fr, hope you get some R&R but it seems NOT! You seem to have landed feet first into the thick of things.


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