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Friday, January 23, 2009

Oxen Trials

The 1st semester is over and now exams are on the way. I have two coming up on Monday (26th Jan) and Tuesday (27th Jan), which isn't too far away! Following that I have two more on the 9th and 11th February.

While the tensions and stress are there for this necessary exercise of an academic process, I am somewhat philosophical and less pressured by it all, say, compared with my previous experiences with this necessary evil at the last semester. What I am looking forward and beyond all this, is the inevitable completion of my 2-year course here in Rome and the relishing of leaving this place for the sunny island state that is Singapore.

So, for those of you who are celebrating with some measure of gusto and revelry, the Chinese New Year festivities, and the holidays that come with it, remember those who have to bear the strains of studies and exams during this period, in a place where such celebration is non-existent or is muted.

Happy Chinese New Year to those that matter! :-D


Anonymous said...

Hi Fr. Aloy,

will pray for yr upcoming exams.. anyway, here's wishing a happy new year ..

Gong Xi fa Cai

God Bless!!

Joanne W said...

Hi Father!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Young Minstrel said...

gruelling task of having to sit among all the class-distinction relatives..almost no diff from sitting for exam nya..


Anonymous said...

Moo Moo....

Come stai caro mio don Luigi?

la speranza si sta facendo bene in ROMA ahaha! quando si sarĂ  battenti a Singapore? e vi auguriamo un benedetto fino al nuovo anno lunare, che

Che la forza sia con voi

Obiwan Kenobi aka fonz-jm

Anonymous said...

Nice cow! :D

Unknown said...

@anon, joanneW, young minstrel: have a blessed Chinese 'Niu' Year!

@fonz: ler kong simi?... :-D si, si! anche lei! (didn't know obiwan could speak italian!)

@ylo: moooo! :-D

Anonymous said...

May the Niu year bring you plenty of good luck for the coming exams. :P :P :P

Anonymous said...

On a more serious note, why don't you post your exam timings on your blog so that we can also share in your pain (in spirit) in the midst of our merry making and binging? :P

Anonymous said...

ahaha you dun understand padre? ahaha! well here is the translation -->

How are you my friend father Aloy?
Hope you are doing well in ROME ahaha! when will you be flying back to Singapore?

Here wishing you a blessed Lunar New Year!

May the force be with you

Unknown said...

@fonz: actually I knew what you had written - just joking lah! :-D if all goes well, shld be back in S'pore by late June or early July 2009...

Anonymous said...

ahaha i knew it you are playing with me ahhh! ok i hope you will be back cause sending an invitation to you for my event in late July 2009... do skype call me or email me -->

e il suo tempo per me per dire addio!



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