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Saturday, December 06, 2008


It has been quite difficult the past week to penned any entry here because I couldn't find the proper words to relate to the series of events and experiences that unfolded which were tragic and sudden.

It began with my previous entry about not being safe anywhere in the world anymore, in the wake of the Mumbai attacks. This was followed later by the news of a Singaporean being killed in that attack. I found out, to my utmost surprise, that she was the wife of a former catechist I knew in my previous parish of Holy Family! Suddenly a face in the news began to take on a sense of urgency and familiarity which I haven't experienced before. It is as though someone in my family has died. Though I have never met Hwei Yen personally before, I knew Michael enough to know that he literally worshipped the ground that she walked on and to loose her suddenly like this, in such a tragic manner, is certainly devastating. CWM has some insightful thoughts on this, especially on the couple, himself a friend of Micheal and a parishioner of Holy Family, which says a lot for the love lost in a, somewhat, cruel manner.

Hwei Yen who died at such a young age of 28, prompts one to sober up quickly and pause a while to think on the magnitude of the loss. That she had a full life ahead of her, tragically cut short, and possessing a disposition that saw her as a bright, sensitive and loving person, makes her death all the more heartbreaking.

Like CWM I have no straight answers as to why this thing can happen to someone who was utterly unfortunate to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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