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Sunday, December 07, 2008

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... oh! if you want to know what utter craziness of Italy is all about, well, consider the following. Their word for 'retreat' and 'advance/forward' is one and the same - 'Avanti!'... *shakes head*


Young Minstrel said...

my 2008 Christmas wish list ;) !

Anonymous said...

Avanti sounds like a great name for a great place in Sebana which is almost complete. Last night was our first night there, full moon, moon lit environs.. safe haven awaiting your visit. Take care, last push, till you come home!

Your friend!

Anonymous said...

Your guy desparately needs a
clarification. Just one. How exactly is the shaking of the head like? I wish you just sort of do it once so that I can follow both ways. Please Avanti.


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