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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Advent and Lucy

We are now right smack in the middle of Advent and St Lucy (Lucia) reminds us about the frailty of life and the courage to face our trials despite the odds. It is odd to mix such sombre sentiment within the season that is moving towards the celebration of joy and peace. Nonetheless, Advent is a reflective period which the Church provides her faithful to consider upon the real meaning of life and where our priorities is to lie, namely in Christ Jesus.

It would be priorities that do not take things and people for granted.

There are many Christmas wish lists that can be seen all over, but, I dare say, there are none that really addresses the inner desire of anyone. With all the crisis we hear and see happening all over the world, be it economic or political, it would be too easy to soothe our fears and immediate needs with things that can help us forget our miseries for awhile.

We need to go beyond our comfort zones to see a greater need for that wholesome transformation which is more permanent. It is said that St Lucy is the patroness of eyesight. Perhaps, we should ask for a more discerning eye to the life we lead in our wish list and request St Lucy to pray for us...


Anonymous said...

What's that black thing in the sky behind St Peters Bas???
14 dec 2008 @ 1620hrs

- Alf

Unknown said...

@alf: erm... I don't get what you refering to... care to elaborate?


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