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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yes He Did

Well, I have lived through history in the making. I get to experience America vote in their first black African-American president.

This is something that can only happen now in America, after struggling with racial issues for a long time now. The catchphrase from the Obama camp has reached its climax with the day, 4th November 2008, when Obama brought to fruition his intention to become the 44th President of the United States: Yes, we can! It was mentioned that at class, when he was just a young boy then, he was asked what he wanted to be when he grows up and he answered - President of the United States. Shows you just how much determination and hardwork can get a person to become what he truly wants and strives for.

More than his determination and, not to mention his intelligence, is Obama's 'common sense' as mentioned in this interview on CBS by Maya Angelou, author and poet. The next 100 days into this presidency will see how much of that common sense will be able to pull the American people, and the other countries which America influences, towards a future where new opportunities can be made to sow peace, justice and a profound understanding of humanity that still struggles to know itself.

Hmmm... now, do I get to see a first black, African Pope in my lifetime then?.... :-D


Anonymous said...

Okay.. this is kinda irrelevant to your post, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY FR!! Many happy returns and hope you have a great day ahead! :)

Unknown said...

@AAQ: thanks for your b'day greetings! much appreciated! :-)

Anonymous said...

How about a first Singaporean cardinal?

Unknown said...

ya, if Singapore cardinal becomes a reality, then nothing can be impossible! :-D

Natasha Yong said...

Let the internet help us pick the next Pope!


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