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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Lately I have been staring into a blank piece of editing space, cracking my brain as to what I should write from the myriads of thoughts and images that run riot through my mind. This has made any blogging quite a uphill task.

Hence, the sharp drop in the recent availability of entries here lately.

That's not to say I have nothing interesting to speak about. I am sure I have plenty to share should I take the time to pick through those items lying around in my head and put them down in writing. Herein lies my problem. My mind has been proccupied with other matters that have caused some amount of distraction and anxiety, creating a pseudo writers' block.

Much of that distraction comes from my concern in not being able to focus properly on what needs to be done first and ending up doing nothing much. A sense of lethargy and procrastination creeps in to undermine further the situation at hand. I know I have that seminar paper to prepare and that thesis amendment (minor) to look into. Not having the urgency, thus far, to do either is causing me some frustration.

I have about an hour plus before I go for lunch. Maybe within this time, after I am finished with this I could make some headway as to what I should put down for my seminar paper. Or not! It has been a lazy day...

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Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY understand what you mean. I call it brain chatter. Lotsa thoughts going through your mind on what needs to be done etc, but actually sorting through it all takes focus, and focus takes calming down the mind. So everything goes in a circle again.

Quite a Catch-22.

Oh well. Hope you find some calm & focus in your mind soon.

- audra -


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