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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

CatholiCircus #6

After a long hiatus, I thought I'd better bring back this little entry on the various blogs or news items of Catholic flavour which show the 'divine' goings on in and around your nearest neighbourhood within the Internet...

First off, let's see what miracles happened over at the WYDSYD08 which Catholic Writer had shared in his latest entry. Next, do you have a 'habit' of coming late for Mass and leaving early after that? aquietmoment has some thoughts on this...

Ever been on a pilgrimage to visit St Anne's? No, not the one in Punggol but the other one over at Malaysia. In Bukit Mertajam, to be precise! Catharsis has some fascinating scenes to share and with interesting pictures too! Meanwhile, if you like watching films, you would know how they can play a role in provoking a reaction or point you to an insight. The Dominicans here highlighted a particular movie that can do both...

Which would you prefer? Good luck or bad luck? Is there such a thing as 'luck'? Well, one can go on and on about all this from all sides of argument (philosophically, theologically, etc.) but here's a little post that looks at it from a view that could be a blessing in disguise!

Continuing, Curt Jester looks at the American media, and you begin to wonder if hypocrisy plays out as an art form or are they just sadly clueless about what it means to be right or wrong about moral issues. Lastly, here's something for all Catholic moms!

(if you know of any other interesting blog or sites of Catholic flavour to share, just drop in a note in the comments section)


Sarah Reinhard said...

Thanks for the link! Incidentally, the Catholic Carnival is open to EVERYONE, and though this week's had a distinctly "mom" flare to it, it doesn't always.

Hope that maybe we can get you to participate can read the details about the carnival here.

Unknown said...

thanks, sarah, abt the tip on participating in the carnival!

may just take up yr offer soon! :-D

Sarah Reinhard said...

Great! I hope you do!


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