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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday's Potpourri

It's been about four days already since the tooth extraction ordeal and save for the slight numbness and a small dull throb that remained, my gum by that area has recovered and spared off any infection problems. I can now chew a little better and eat a little more solid food.

Meanwhile, the Rector of the Convitto has came back and the kitchen is officially opened and functioning again. So, that means no need to go around searching and cooking our own food! :-) The experiences of doing that the past month has been quite interesting. It's amazing what you can do with such a limited amount and access of food and turn it into a meal that still feeds the body! :-D

There is still one more month or so before the new semester begins for my final year in the Angelicum. I am certainly looking forward to the time next year when I finish my course here and get to head back to Singapore! So, I am already counting the days... :-D

Meanwhile, I have already finished my draft thesis and only awaiting now for my moderator to patiently go through it. I hope there won't be too much drastic changes to it and that all will turn out relatively well. Nonetheless, I am sure there should be some amendment here and there which I shall have to deal with.

Oh, by the way, it's National Day back in Malaysia! That makes the country in their 51st year of existence after their independance. Merdeka! :-D

On another dimension altogether, the long and ongoing fight between Mac and PC continues and I was earlier considering whether I should change to a Mac later when I get back to Singapore. Then I came across this piece which pokes fun at both venerable computer companies which didn't help me make up my mind (language may be a leeetle rough as with any South Park presentation):

So, any ideas?...

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eastendgirl said...

Hi Father Aloysius,

Happen to chance on your blog. How have you been. You must be enjoying Rome a lot. Anyway, to give my two-cents' worth of an opinion, I think the eeePC by ASUS is good. It depends on the weight of usage you plan for your computer. I only need Word, Excel, Acrobat and Firefox. So the eeePC is perfect. It is small and light (7 inch screen; less than 1kg). My eeePC runs on Linux (S$780 for 8 gigs)) but they have brought out a Windows version that is 80gigs at about $880.

I too have heard conflicting views regarding the Mac (forget about Windows which tends to be unstable anyway) but the general opinion is that it is much more stable and easy to use.

Gillian Chee
Lector, Holy Family
Who likes Lord of the Rings trilogy, Battlestar Galactica (both the 1970's version and the Sci Fi channel production) and Star Trek: The Next Generation (which they are showing on Sci Fi channel on Starhub right now)


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