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Friday, August 08, 2008

State of Mind

I am doing up some reading for my chapter 3 of the thesis and not doing much writing yet. I haven't quite found the right starting words and sentences to begin the introductory section for this chapter. But, I am getting there.... ;-)

Meanwhile, the current state of my mind during this 'incubating' period is not one of idling in nothingness. For one, I do know that the Beijing Olympics starts today at 8.00 p.m. China time (1200 GMT). It promises to be a grand affair with the opening ceremony created by Zhang Yimou.

Second, I have been 'renovating' my desktop a little and came out with this piece of presentation:

The wallpaper is from deviant art while the icon tray below is from Rocketdock (clicking on the picture, you will see a better view of the wallpaper). The clock display on the top right corner is from DSClock. This turns the screen on my laptop into a showpiece unlike your usual bland XP or Microsoft presentation that usually looks, err.. bland. Imagine how it can turn out on your 21" flatscreen monitor!

Then, thirdly, I chance across this awfully fun site from zefrank who is an American online performance artist, composer, humourist and public speaker based in Brooklyn (NY). I think Alf will want to meet this guy! :-D I dropped into zefrank's Scribbler site and drew this as shown on the left.

I probably did this is a sudden fit of insight that says, after all that I purported to know, I still know nothing! :-D

Lastly, how did I chance upon zefrank? Well, I happened to passed by this site that presents a video streaming of talks by inspiring and visionary speakers. One of my favourite talks there are 'Classical Music with Shining Eyes'. This talk confirmed my already known idea that 'nobody is tone deaf'. The other is 'Do Schools Kill Creativity?' This is a good one to listen to, to see why even what the Singaporean government is doing to boost creativity is not really going the right way either. The idea coming from this talk is 'If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come out with anything original'. Have a listen to these talks and other talks there when you are free... ;-)

So, what do you do when you find yourself 'stranded' with nothing much to go on?... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Happy National Day Fr. Aloy



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