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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Human Spirit

One of the recurring elements that keep coming up in the draft thesis which I am currently doing up is 'human spirit'. In spiritual terms, it refers to the human will and desire that move a person to reach a particular decision to do or make things happen.

It can be either good or bad depending on the circumstances which the decision is made on and it can be entirely undependable. When motivated to do good, the results can be rather impressive and uplifting. When it is led to do the bad, the results can be disastrous, catastrophic even! Whether good or bad, the human spirit is undeniably the driving factor that pushes a person to making something happening.

I wonder how many of us are motivated to make something happen? Are we even driven in any remotest way to do something that can change, not only ours, but also other people's lives? Do we have any drive or motivation in the first place? Do we just drift along like a plank in the ocean, led by the currents with no control of where we want or ought to go?

It's a difficult task indeed to discern the human spirit and how it works. Heck, we are sometimes blindsided by it and we end up getting into a mess we wish we hadn't. But when it works and carries with it the message of goodness, strength and sister/brotherhood the whole world seems to cheer.

Which is why films like this can go a long way to spread some cheer in a world that seems to have focused on taking instead of giving more...

(if you are wondering what I have been doing besides doing the thesis during this summer break, now you know!)


Anonymous said...

Still waitin' for Wall•E... out at the end of the month... like Clone Wars! :O) Pray that I get the pitch to do Lucasfilm's coffee table book... (keepin' fingers crossed.)

Unknown said...

woah! really, ah? coffee table bk! :-D will look out for that when it ever materialises! ;-)


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