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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Slow Week

It has been a slow week and the summer here is already showing some signs of slowly losing its momentum as it gives way to the encroaching fall. The sun rises a little much later than it used to be. It is also a week which I managed to catch my breath somewhat after finishing the final major chapter for my draft thesis - chapter 3. That chapter, detailing the contributions of John of the Cross, show how they can be put to good use in spiritual direction.

I still have one last item to write, namely the Conclusion to the thesis, which I should be able to do so by next week. After that, I would have completed my initial project with this thesis and able to enjoy the remaining holidays right on till the first week of October when the new semester begins.

For now, I am just enjoying the quiet and warmth of the Sunday and what else it has to offer...


alvin mark said...

You've got a great story to tell while stationed in Rome. Wish I was there! Happy shooting and publishing it! :O)

alvin mark said...

I just saw zefranks' site... Very interactive! Nice drawing... It reminds me of Disney's Hunchback. :O)
Only 4 more days to Wall•e and Clone Wars back here. I feel so outdated. Even Malaysia started screening Clone Wars about 2 weeks back!


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