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Thursday, June 26, 2008


As I write this, the game has already started for the match between Germany and Turkey in the semis of the Euro Cup. Turkey has an uphill task of causing an upset to win against Germany tonight. But, it is not impossible. Who knows, the underdog may just get its day...
Meanwhile, who ever wins or loses, it isn't going to make much of a difference to the weather here in Rome. Today it was at a scorching 34+ deg Celsius! It was so hot that last night, my room felt like an oven. I couldn't sleep at all till a little after 3 a.m. So now I am a little drowsy, though, not enough to make me fall asleep on my desk writing this entry.

Most of what I need to do for today has been done and now I only have to cool down as the evening gives way to the night which is still about an hour away. I say an hour because right now it is already approaching 9.00 p.m. but the sun is still setting outside! By 10.00 p.m. it would then be sufficiently dark to say it is night. The heat convection that follows after the sun sets, makes the rest of the night utterly warm, hot and sticky to the body which is wondering how to get down to sleep. I know summer can be hot. But I didn't expect it to be THIS hot!

Oh, today would make it my count of being exactly one year here in Rome since I first set foot to this crazy city on 25th June of last year. Imagine! I managed to survive this far...

(update: Germany defeated Turkey, 3 - 2)


Anonymous said...

and it's just another 1 year more to survive before you come back to an even hotter place! :P

of course, being a SPAIN fan I actually wanted to busk in my joy and tell you but I see you had already known I might be one of the few jumping like a mad dog the moment cesc let converted the penalty, but alas! I didn't even watch.

I have a stinking feeling that germans will win now. so much for you predicting a dutch-nazi final. :P

Unknown said...

at least I was right with Germany being in the finals! ;-)

btw, I think u shld go easy with the 'nazi' thing.... :-P

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. ok, wouldn't be such a sulk and call them 'nazi' =P

this might explain the 'nazi' name more :D (ps: my bro showed it to me!)

Young Minstrel said...

thanks for the update (i depend on it to know who won) finally Germany got it..happy :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Anniversary, fral!

God's love and blessing be upon you always. :)

Unknown said...

thanks! :-)

it's all about ~fjm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
it's all about ~fjm said...

father aloy

Archbishop Emeritus Gregory Yong was return to the Lord on 28 June 08 @ 2.40pm singapore time

funeral will be on Wednesday 2nd July 08 @ the Cathedral



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